A Reminder.

Spring Wedding Weekend

This past weekend my Gentleman Caller and I headed down to Orlando for a beautiful wedding. 

Based on our crazy schedules we treated this as a mini-vacay to spend time together and unwind. Just a few things from this weekend:

Took some time to catch up on sleep:

By the pool sporting some Caps pride:

Catching up on some mags:

A bit o humor as we wait for the ceremony to begin:

Enjoyed the view:

Took some time to smell the flowers:

Watched the cake cutting, missed a taste:

Ended the night with a bang:


An incredible time to live in DC.


Behold my Twitter Feed…

Full of Housewives, Fashion Bloggers, and FOX News.



"Hello, my name is Anthony Bourdain and my new show ‘The Layover’ is even more legit since it appears my shirt was purchased on location, removed from its packaging, and put directly on my body."

For me, the wrinkled shirt adds to his charm.

(Photo taken while watching ‘The Layover: New York’. Love the show. Love Bourdain. Love his wrinkled shirt.)

Gift Guide.

For the man redneck that has everything.

Gotta love North Carolina.

(Picture taken while getting an oil change.)

Holly Jollies.

Nothing says ‘Classy Christmas’ like a fiber optic Santa.

(Purchased with another BFF at our first home post college in Nashville, TN. Nothing says adult maturity like a Fiber Optic Santa.)

Holly Jollies.

My crazy Jack Rabbit dressed for the season.

(Purchased with my BFF for my first solo home in Charlotte years ago. He travels well.)

Holly Jollies.

My ‘festive’ Christmas Tree. 

(Charlie Brown tree gifted by my cousin. Bling Ring Ornament gifted by my future sister-in-law in honor of my first Christmas as a betrothed lady.)

Holly Jollies.

Happy Holidays from the Australian Embassy.

(Photo taken on a walk last Saturday eve)

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